Who Is She?

Meet our first-ever cowboy boot, Tessie. She's the kind of boot you'll want to keep forever, so we built Tessie to last that long, and then some. 🙃 100% handmade at an artisan factory in Mexico, these bbz are Goodyear welted, brass tacked and made with soft, buttery leather inside and out. She's constructed like the classics, but with rainbow-stiched CS twist (or scribble, if you will).

How She Fits

Because she is all-leather, Tessie might need a little TLC to break in. Slip on a sock for the first 3-5 wears while the leather softens. Her outsoles are burnished with conditioning oil so if they feel slick on your first wear, one quick trip outside and the outsoles will have them feeling just right. She is also built on a wider last than our other boots, so she is wide-feet friendly! If you want to be super sure of your size or want some more tips and tricks to breaking them in, shoot an email to our Shuru’s at . They are experts on all things fit and happy to help!

These shoes are on pre-order. What does that mean?

Sometimes, we get so excited about a style that we want to share them with you before they arrive to our warehouse. A pre-order is just like a regular order that takes a bit longer than usual to reach your doorstep. Like a regular order, you can still use a discount or gift card and return them if they don’t work out. Plus, since there are limited quantities available and sizes can still sell out, placing a pre-order guarantees you a pair before it’s too late.


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Our measurements are taken from the longest and widest points of the insole. Your foot should be slightly shorter than the length of the shoe. Widths can be deceiving, so we recommend comparing to a similar shoe for your most accurate size.

 Size Length Width
4 8.75" 3.25"
5 9" 3.25"
9.25" 3.25"
9.5" 3.25"
9.75" 3.375"
10" 3.5"
10  10.25" 3.5"
11  10.5" 3.75"
12 10.75" 3.75"
13 11" 3.75"