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Sometimes the best gift is right to choose your own shoes. This gift card will be delivered as an email with a code inside that can be used at checkout or printed out and gifted. If you'd like a physical gift card sent to the lucky recipient, use your own email address at checkout and shoot us an email after your order is placed.


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Gift Cards


Our measurements are taken from the longest and widest points of the insole. Your foot should be slightly shorter than the length of the shoe. The insole width measurement doesn't take into account the full width of your foot and may seem narrow, but our shoes are standard widths. 

 Size Length Width
4 8.75" 3.25"
5 9" 3.25"
9.25" 3.25"
9.5" 3.25"
9.75" 3.375"
10" 3.5"
10  10.25" 3.5"
11  10.5" 3.75"
12 10.75" 3.75"
13 11" 3.75"