Rowsie Vain x CS Foot Care Kit

What is she?

This year, there’s no better way to show you care than giving the gift of foot care! Well, we may be a little biased, but that’s where we stand. To make the ultimate treat for the feet we teamed up with Rowsie Vain, our go-to brand for all things self-care, to create a 3-in-1 foot care kit for just in time for the holidays! No size? No problem. Foot care knows no bounds. Plus, order a gift card of $250 or more, and get one of these for free! Give a little, get a little. 🙃

What's it made of?

Each kit comes with a foot mask, foot soap (loofah included!) and foot oil. Masks in particular utilize French Rose Clay to remove dead skin cells and other toxins, as well as fade hyper-pigmentation and reduce inflammation. Use the oil after your wash and mask for deep moisturizing and itchy/flaky skin relief thanks to antibacterial and antifungal properties in the hemp oil mixture. All are scented with rosemary, bergamot and honeysuckle essential oils.


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Rowsie Vain x CS Foot Care Kit


Rowsie Vain is the ultimate minimalist approach to beauty with plenty of gorgeous, hand-foraged botanicals, delicious skincare, and scents to obsess over. Founded in 2015 by our pal Whitney Smith, the Ojai-based brand is all about self-love and connecting back to nature.

Whitney is fearless, patient and a mad scientist of all things beauty, and when we asked her to help us come up with a part two to our foot care kit from last year, you better believe the girl came with IDEAS. She also came with her scent bar so these kits smell just as pretty as they look.