Who Is She?

Think Jaquie, but she's been at grandma's house and now everything is crochet. You can call her Granny. She's got mismatch, crocheted cotton uppers lined with nylon padding for extra cozy goodness. We also gave her a leather-wrapped footbed and rubber outsoles so she’s soft and snuggly indoors and the life of the party outdoors. Finally, a house slide your gran would be proud of!

How She Fits

True to size and wearable out of the box. If you're in between sizes or just want to be super sure of your size, shoot an email to our Shuru's at They are experts on all things fit and happy to help!  


Please select a size


Please select a size




Our measurements are taken from the longest and widest points of the insole. Your foot should be slightly shorter than the length of the shoe. Widths can be deceiving, so we recommend comparing to a similar shoe for your most accurate size.

 Size Length Width
4 8.75" 3.25"
5 9" 3.25"
9.25" 3.25"
9.5" 3.25"
9.75" 3.375"
10" 3.5"
10  10.25" 3.5"
11  10.5" 3.75"
12 10.75" 3.75"
13 11" 3.75"