Rat Boi x CS Mask & Scrunchie Set

What is she?

There’s no shortage of cute masks these days, but a cute mask with a matching scrunchie? That’s next level. And since we happen to be friends (and neighbors!) with the best in the handmade mask and scrunchie biz, we went and did the dang thing. All Ratboi x CS Mask & Scrunchies are hand-sewn by the Ratboi team in Ventura and make the perfect gift this year (well, that and a good pair of shoes). Plus, order a gift card of $250 or more, and get one of these for free! Give a little, get a little. 🙃

What's it made of?

Each set is organic cotton, screen-printed and hand-sewn by the small team at Ratboi in Ventura, CA. Scrunchies also feature a super stretchy elastic that offers a secure hold while staying gentle on your hair.


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Rat Boi x CS Mask Set


Rat Boi is the brainchild of one of our Ventura neighbors, Alexa Coughlin. Everything made by Rat Boi is made in Ventura using high-quality, locally-sourced, and often recycled materials. Their scrunchies, masks and other goods are often one-of-a-kind and always made by hand (with occasional help from her pup Domi aka Rat Boi 😎)

With the help of some other amazing locals (looking at you Lightning Ridge Screen Printing), we sourced our own cotton, screen printed our signature pattern and Alexa did the rest.