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A native of Kingston, Ontario, Charlotte Stone grew up in a family of graphic artists and interior designers and decided to become a shoe designer while still in her teens. She graduated from FIDM in Los Angeles, honed her skills with footwear factories in Italy, and has worked in her chosen métier ever since. She is also an avid surfer and weaver and co-designs, with her husband, a line of modernist hand-crocheted lounge chairs and furniture called PacifIc Wonderland Inc.



I have been using 2 family run factories in Italy. Both have been in business for over 40 years making sandals, footbeds, pumps and moccasins. They produce small runs, that are lasted and buffed by hand, entirely finished under one roof. From the shipping, material ordering, quality control, prototyping and boxing, it is a family affair, with fathers, daughters, sons and in-laws all on the factory floor ensuring our footwear is made with love.


I’ve been working with the same team for nearly 10 years. A husband and wife duo, they run a fair-wage factory that believes in supporting their team of tradespeople, through team building excursions, career training and by providing comfortable, clean work place environment. I travel to work with them twice a year for development and production oversight. They are expert shoemakers that care about their craft, their environment and their people.


I stumbled onto this amazing factory through a friend. They had been making all of the boots for the LAPD, but were interested in trying their hand at women’s footwear. Our first run of boots was a sell-out success and we’re working on lots of new projects with this family run factory.