How We Wear These

How We Wear These


#HowWeWearThese / 2020

Our favorite tall boot for every single season. Read on and/or head to IG stories for some good old fashioned #outfitinspo.
the season: Spring
what to wear 'em with: Pencil Skirt
You've seen this pencil skirt from me before because it's one of my favorites but who cares, it's classic. Super versatile and I love it with boots and a good sweater or vintage t-shirt.
the season: Small
what to wear 'em with: Floral Dress & Biker Jacket
This is not something I would normally wear but I love this outfit. My friend gave me this dress for my birthday last year and I love it with these boots and a biker jacket to rough it up a little.
the season: Fall
what to wear 'em with: Midi Skirt
I love a good slouchy boot with a longer skirt and I really love this kind of modern country look for summer.
the season: Winter
what to wear 'em with: Vintage boilersuit
By now you guys know that I love a jumpsuit and I love them with tall boots! This one is very 70s.

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