Find Your Fit
Find Your Fit
Find Your Fit

Get your shoes to fit just right.

Feet are like snowflakes, each one is beautifully unique. Of course, length is important, but factors like your arch height and foot width play just as much a role in finding shoes that fit just like Cinderella and her glass slipper. For that very reason, we've come up with a way to understand your foot DNA and ensure the perfect fit. Maybe you have a high arch and have been sizing up because of it? Or maybe your foot is more narrow and you might need to size down in some shoes? Maybe you're actually a half-size? Fret not, friends, we're here to help you find out. 😎

All you'll need is a piece of paper big enough to fit your entire foot, something to write with and something to measure with.

It's measuring time.
It's measuring time.
It's measuring time.

First, we trace.

Step on a piece of paper big enough to fit your entire foot. Keeping your pen or pencil as straight as possible, trace your entire foot onto the paper. For this first tracing, try not to angle your pen or pencil towards or away from your foot.

Before moving your foot off the paper, trace the inside of your foot along your arch. This time, let your pen angle itself along your arch. If you want, use a different color pen or pencil for this so you can easily distinguish which tracing is which.

Now let's find your length.

Refer to your first tracing and measure the length of your foot from the top-most point of your toe to the bottom-most point on your heel. The number you get is your length measurement.

We design our shoes to fit flush with the back of your heel, so if you also like your shoes to fit that way, choose the size in the chart below whose measurement is closest to the length of your foot.

Size 48.75"Size 10 10.25"
Size 59"Size 11 10.5"
Size 69.25"Size 12 10.75"
Size 79.5"Size 13 11"
Size 89.75"Size 14 11.25"
Size 910"Size 15 11.5"

Next, let's find your width.

Measure the width at the widest point of your first tracing. The number you get is your width measurement.

Compare your width measurement to the chart below. If the width measurement for your shoe size is larger than your actual measurement, your foot's width is narrow. If the width measurement for your shoe size is smaller, your foot's width is wide. If the width measurement for your shoe size is nearly the same, your foot's width is medium.

Size 43.1" wideSize 10 3.8" wide
Size 53.2" wideSize 11 3.9" wide
Size 63.3" wideSize 12 4.1" wide
Size 73.4" wideSize 13 4.2" wide
Size 83.6" wideSize 14 4.3" wide
Size 93.7" wideSize 15 4.4" wide

And finally, let's find your arch type.

Look at the second tracing you made (the one you made along your arch) and compare its shape to the images below. If you have zero-to-little space between the first tracing and the second, your arch is low. If your second tracing hits the midway point of your tracing or further, your arch is high. If it’s in between, your arch is medium.

Another way to measure your arch type is by wetting your foot, stepping on a piece of paper or paper bag, and comparing the shape of your footprint to the images below.

Low Arch
Medium Arch
High Arch

Voilà, your foot DNA.

Now that you know what makes your foot special, you can shop for shoes that fit you like a glove (or should we say sock?). Look for the icons on our product pages to find out if the shoe you’re into is recommended for your foot type. Or just reach out to our Shurus™ for their expert, personalized shoe-gestions. 🙃

Shoe me.

low medium high
narrow Low Narrow Medium Narrow High Narrow
medium Low Medium Medium Medium High Medium
wide Low Wide Medium Wide High Wide