In Her Shoes

In Her Shoes


#InHerShoes / 2021

Ok yes, our shoes are real cute, but what's even more cute and cool and stylish and inspiring are all the badass people in our shoes. So this year, we decided to pass the mic to some longtime supporters and CS connoisseurs, and asked them to help bring our shoes to life. The challenge? Style one shoe three different ways and tell us a little bit about yourself while doing it. The result? As expected, incredible.

Keep scrolling to see what Andrea (@awkdrea on IG) gets up to in our Tejus Buff Ginas.

Who are you and what are you about?
I am the coffee manager at a board game cafe! When I’m not slinging drinks I’m posting about my outfits, doing what I can to uplift marginalized voices, and being the mid-sized Latinx representation in slow fashion I want to see!

Where are you from & where do you live now?
I’m a born and raised Texan currently living in Houston, TX.


How did you find out about Charlotte Stone?
I found out about CS through Instagram!


Describe your style in three words.

Whimsical, femme, functional.



On an average day, you’ll find me:
Coming up with new drinks for the shop!


When I’m not working, you’ll find me:
Sippin iced oat milk lattes at my local shops, crafting, or walking my chiweenie Maggie!


What are you passionate about?
Uplifting marginalized voices and helping others feel comfortable in their bodies!


Who or what inspires or influences your style?
My style is influenced by a combination of feeling comfortable in my clothes and pushing my comfort zone in terms of wearing things I’ve always been too afraid to!


Do you have a style icon? Why are they your style icon?
If I had to pick one I’d have to say Iris Apfel- I admire that she wears what she wants because it’s what she likes and not because it’s what’s “on-trend”.


What are you watching or reading or hobbying right now?
I’ve gotten really into block printing lately!

It’s so fun to have a design in my head and have it come to life.


What three things could you not live without?
Coffee, jumpsuits, and my phone 😅


What article of clothing are you living in right now?
Long flowy dresses!


What “traditional” styling rule do you love to break?
I love breaking all the style rules!

I dress to make myself happy, not to fit anyone else’s idea of style.


What is one weird fashion trend from your youth that you kind of wish came back?
I grew up in the 2000’s so they’re all kind of back!


What is one thing about yourself people might be surprised to find out?
Contrary to what my Instagram may make you believe I am a super introvert.
I enjoy my own company and love doing things on my own!



#Lollapashoeza / 2021

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