Fri, Feb 23, 2024

Hi! Char here for our second styling newsletter, and I couldn't resist going bold.

So for starters, let me say, I love a festive pant.

What you’ll see as this email unfolds will be the festive pants that are in current rotation, but this is not ALL of my festive pants. Honestly, this whole process made me realize that I might not need another festive pant for a while.

What I love about not-normal pants is that you can style them with SO MUCH in your closet, and they’re going to make those things sing a new tune.

Pictured above are the pants that inspired the theme for this! These are form a brand called Bode, they’re made from vintage curtains, they’re menswear styled, but have ties on the side which add a femme touch, and I adore them. Here I’m wearing them with a button down from LMND a vintage blazer, the perfect heart necklace and our Loma clog boots.

This is a great option for a workday, but these pants will be equally wonderful with a high heeled sandal and a going out top, or sneakers and a vintage tee. I find them much more versatile than at first glance.

Moving along, now we have these great wide striped cropped trousers from La Veste (which btw, is a treasure trove for garments with personality!).  These, I have found, double as a denim sub AND a bold trouser.  I’ve styled them super caj with a vintage tee, ball cap and sneakers, but how great do they look with this little knit top from Ali Golden, my vintage jacket and some pumps?!

They come in a variety of colors and are a great entry level pant for anyone out there wanting to add flair to your bottoms.

A great alternative would be these that have extended sizing and good colors or these, 

or something like this that’s more denim-y.

A level up from the stripes is the large gingham, imho.  These are slub linen, high waisted trousers in Lilac and, again—I’ve gotten a lot more wear out of these than I would have thought at first.  They can be styled with all the things in the previous look, but here I’ve gone a little urban cowgirl.

To die for vintage orange tab pearl snap levi’s shirt (eBay find) with silk scarf as tie (bought at Ali Golden Ojai but get a vintage dupe there are a million out there), a vintage leather biker jacket (flea market find, but hit etsy and ebay if you don’t already have one in your closet) and my Tessie cowboy boots.  And you can see this blazer works with it too; I would maybe do a darker scarf or a black bow tie with the blazer next time.

I’ve really been into shirting lately so I’ve been playing with bolos, silk scarves, necklaces and brooches to add more conversation to my outfits.  I encourage you to try it!

And then there’s these: a new addition for me, these gorgeous pants are from my friend Alix.  She loves a statement pant, her line is chock full of them. (You could even DIY an existing pair of pants with stencils and fabric paint if you're feeling crafty.)

These are a little dressier than the other two, mostly because of the length and cut.  I need to wear heels with these or they drag.  But I love them with a simple button down, styled with these leather flowers that I found in my trim box at work and my Tessie cowboy boots.

I tried both of these jackets and loved them equally but they do different things:  the fringe is more casual and the cream jacket feels more official, so pick for your occasion.

And here’s what I actually wore to work.

These trousers owe me money at this point. They’re from a brand called Forte Forte, it's always showing up on TRR so save a search! They do fantastic bright trousers, perfectly cut and tailored to be dressed up or down, and styled a million ways.

Here they’re perfect with my Darby’s,

a green Babaa sweater and a white crew neck (low-effort layering hack: just add a tee under a sweater for a peek of a different color. It adds visual interest.)  And I know these colors are ‘summer-y’ feeling but I think that color is seasonless and you could put a winter coat, scarf and a hat on and totally get away with this! (I went full CA here and added all my summer jewelry and the crew neck is actually a vintage surf tee, I’m still not ready for the cold and rain lol.)

And voila, there you have it! Festive pants are dressy, casual, and everything in-between and a necessary upgrade in your wardrobe if you haven't explored them yet. Have fun with it and let me know what you think!