Who Is She?

All the charm and beauty of our best selling Marlo, with half the heel height (2"). We gave her a little upgrade with a brand new memory foam insole, seamed upper for a satisfying form fit and hidden elastic for even more comfort. A classic through and through. 

How she fits

Martino fits true to size, and since we added elastic, she wont really need as much breaking in. Calf suede upper will give beautifully with wear. Please note: we fit Martino snug (heel flushed to the back of the shoe is the way we like it). If you prefer a more roomy fit at the back of your shoe, then definitely size up. If you're in between sizes or just want to be super sure of your size, refer to the chart below to see how your foot measures up in our shoes.




Our measurements are taken from the longest and widest points of the insole. Your foot should be slightly shorter than the length of the shoe. The insole width measurement doesn't take into account the full width of your foot and may seem narrow, but our shoes are standard widths. 

 Size Length Width
5 9" 3.25"
9.25" 3.25"
9.5" 3.25"
9.75" 3.375"
10" 3.5"
10  10.25" 3.5"
11  10.5" 3.75"
12 10.75" 3.75"